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Investment and collectible coins, bullion

KALITA.GOLD is part of the KALITA-FINANCE financial group, which has been on the market for more than 20 years. Our company sells investment and collection coins, bullion, and also buys coins and precious metal products. We invite our clients to invest in what will not depreciate amid ongoing crises and collapses of stock exchanges.

Even with constant currency fluctuations, precious metals continue to be a stable investment. Therefore, investment coins today are not just a way to preserve the accumulated funds, but also to receive additional income.

Most often, gold coins are used as investment coins. Many States issue them specifically for these purposes. However, in order for the issued unit to be considered investment, it must have a face value in the currency of the issuing state, or obtain by law the status of an investment object. In theory, such a coin can be used as a means of payment within its face value.

However, it must be understood that the face value of a monetary unit and its investment value are two different "figures." The price of a coin upon purchase is determined by the value of the metal from which it is made, depends on its mass and sample. In our online store you can buy investment coins in Austria, Australia, Britain, Canada, the USA, South Africa, etc. Units from gold of the 917th and 9999th test are presented in the online catalog.

Why invest in coins and bullion?

Investment in precious metals is the most stable type of contribution. The fluctuation of the economy leads to the fact that even real estate can fall significantly in price. In addition, such an investment requires maintenance costs.

Coins and bullion can be sold at any time, at least at the price for which you bought them, and often more expensive. Another bonus of buying investment currency units is the absence of VAT in many countries. That is, such transactions are not taxed on value added.

Gold products can be stored in any available place: in a bank, personal safe, etc. Such investments tend to be long-term. You can buy investment coins in almost any city. Especially if you use the services of online sites. There are not only coins issued by your country's bank on free sale. You can purchase products and other issuing states under the same conditions (absence of VAT).

So that the price of an investment coin does not decrease, it is necessary to take care of its preservation. The presence of damage can significantly reduce the price of a unit. As a rule, products are sold in special plastic boxes.

Ideally, they should be stored in them. As such, there is no need to seize them from the box. You can sell a coin at any time. KALITA.GOLD is ready to purchase precious metals at market value. Current quotes can be seen in the corresponding section of our website.