NIUE collectible coins - history of appearance, what are popular, for what and for whom they are issued, what is the value

The theme of collectible coins is interesting to many. In this article, we will look at the banknotes of the island of NIUE. This territory is a real treasure trove for the numismatic community. NIUE uses the New Zealand dollar as its currency. At the same time, they took up the production of collectible coins relatively recently, but very successfully. Today, their coins are in demand among collectors. And the variety of topics is so great that everyone can find what they are interested in.

Basic information

The island of NIUE became an independent state only in 1974. Today, the New Zealand dollar is used on its territory. And even though it shares the same currency with New Zealand, the reverse of its banknotes is unique. Five-cent coins can be recognized by humpback whales, ten cents by the image of a crab, twenty cents by a scuba diver, and fifty by a canoe. On a monetary sign with a face value of one dollar, a swordfish is presented. At the same time, the obverse of the product traditionally adorns the portrait of Elizabeth II. Most of the common coins of NIUE are made by the New Zealand Mint. But many countries take part in the creation of collectible products: Australia, Poland, Canada, etc.

Currency theme

The peculiarity of NIUE lies in the release of small circulations. At the same time, they try to affect the most popular series among collectors:

  • Sport. By tradition, the island produces dollars in honor of the Olympic Games, World Championships in football, volleyball, basketball, regional competitions. Also among the proposals can be found banknotes depicting famous volleyball players, tennis players, basketball players.
  • Architectural and cultural monuments. "Cathedral of St. Vitus," "Cathedral of the Holy Cross and St. Eulalia" are not all proposals of the island. I must say that representatives of such a series resonate among many collectors. This is also due to the high quality of banknotes, detailed drawing of images.
  • Portraits. This series includes outstanding personalities, for example, Catherine II, Francisco Goya, Elizabeth II and others.
  • Animals, fish, birds. The island has many proposals for money signs dedicated to rare representatives of the fauna. For example, dollars depicting dolphins, turtles, antelopes, and other animals are known.
  • Zodiac signs and Chinese horoscope. By tradition, NIUE offers monochrome and colored products made of precious and base alloys. Among the banknotes are dedicated to the Dragon, Monkey, Taurus, Aries, Rabbit, etc.
  • Cartoons and movies. The island's collection has banknotes dedicated to Mickey Mouse, Wonder Woman, Harry Potter and other famous characters. There are also coins dedicated to the heroes of the "Caucasian Captive," "Well, wait a minute!" Etc.

And these are not all episodes. The range includes products made of precious or non-precious alloy, there are also options with a silver coating. The products themselves can be produced in original boxes or thematic booklets, which makes them an interesting gift. You can purchase such products for yourself, a loved one, a colleague.

Coin sales

According to statistics, the population of NIUE is decreasing. The island's economy is hard to call developed, even with the support of the New Zealand government. Coinage remains an effective way to replenish the budget of this small state entity. This can explain the wide range of NIUE collectible coins. Banknotes have different designs and high quality. With their help, it is possible to replenish collections, make them original, unique. You can buy NIUE collectible coins in our online store. We sell single and serial products. All items in our catalog are accompanied by photos and descriptions that will help you choose the right option. There are special prices for club members.

You can get more information about our proposals, including NIUE coins, from managers. To do this, use the feedback form on our website. Specialists will provide additional information, answer questions, including terms, cost, delivery conditions. You can pay for the order in cash in euros or by bank transfer with the details provided.