Collectible Silver Coins

Collectible silver coins are gaining popularity. Compared to gold, they are more affordable. At the same time, in terms of beauty and value, they are not much inferior to the "older brothers." Having bought today, you will probably sell them more expensive in a couple of years. The value of silver, like gold, is growing slowly but confidently. This makes the investment in banknotes quite justified and profitable. In addition, it is very exciting to buy themed products made of precious metal! Collecting entire series, considering, comparing - this drags on many. And everything begins, as a rule, with the purchase of one coin.

Popular silver coins

In this article, consider the most famous silver coins that are certainly worth paying attention to. They may already be in your collection. And if not, we propose to fix it.

Wiener Philharmoniker, "Vienna Philharmoniker"

Popular silver coins Wiener Philharmoniker

The Austrian Mint is one of the largest in the world. His coin, at least one, must be present in your collection. A good example of this is the Vienna Philharmoniker in silver. On the obverse of the product is an organ from the hall of the Vienna Philharmonic, located in Vienna. Different musical instruments decorate the reverse. The weight of the product is one troy ounce (31.1 g). The content of pure precious metal is 31.10 grams. Nominally, the coin is estimated at 1.5 euros, but its real value is much higher and steadily grows over time.


Popular silver coins Kangaroo

Another interesting money sign. It has been issued by the Perth Mint since 1993 to the present. Despite this, the popularity of the product does not decrease, but, on the contrary, is steadily growing. The reverse is dedicated to the kangaroo - Australia's traditional animal. The hero of the plot is captured in a circle of sunlight. The upper rim of the reverse is occupied by the name of the money sign - Australian Kangaroo. Below is the year of issue, weight, sample, as well as the metal from which the money sign is made. The obverse occupies the image of Elizabeth the Second. Detailed drawing makes him even more "alive," makes him admire distinct lines for a long time.


Popular silver coins Britannia

A world-famous coin. It has been minted by the Royal Mint since 1987. The image of the young girl, captured on the reverse, symbolizes Britain since the Roman Empire, as well as the integrity of the British Isles. It is supplied in an individual capsule and beautiful packaging. This makes it a good gift to anyone who is not indifferent to collectible/investment money signs.

"George the Victorious"

Popular silver coins George the Victorious

One of the most famous coins in Russia. For its production, silver of the highest sample is used. The weight of pure precious metal is 31.10 grams. The face value of the coin is 3 rubles, but the real value is much higher. The diameter of the monetary sign is 39 mm, and the thickness is 3.1 mm. The quality of the coinage is proof. As time goes on, the value of this cash sign grows. This makes it a good choice to buy.

Kalita.Gold offers

All coins presented above are supplied in capsules, which guarantees them a long service life, resistance to changes in humidity, temperature, direct sunlight, etc. You can buy them at Kalita.Gold. All items in our catalog are accompanied by photos and descriptions. There are special prices for the members of our club.

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