Investment coin American Eagle: review, history of appearance, interesting facts and photos

The American Eagle investment coin is an object for a profitable investment of money. Over time, it has become more popular, its cost is growing. The denomination of the cash sign is $50, but the real price is much higher. That is why the coin attracts beginners and experienced investors - everyone who wants to invest money for a long time.

"American Eagle"

"American Eagle"

General Information

The first "American Eagle" was released in 1986. Today, the coin comes in several variants: 1/10, 1/4, 1/2 and one ounce. The amount of gold in it is guaranteed by the US government, the 1985 law on weight gold coins. The same law provides that all banknotes must be made of local gold.

The proposed investment coin is one of the most popular worldwide. Her sample is 91.67%, equivalent to 22 carats. Copper (5.33%) and silver (3%) are used as auxiliary elements. All coins are a legal means of payment in the United States. Throughout history, their designs have remained the same. The US government is careful to ensure that each instance meets high technological characteristics and maintains the liquidity of coins.

The proposed coin is minted annually. As a rule, its circulation is 1 million. However, there are limited series. For example, in 1993, 1994-1996, 200 thousand coins were issued, and in 2001 and 2007 - 140 thousand. In order to improve security, all banknotes have special protection. First of all, it manifests itself in the high quality of drawing an image that is almost impossible to fake.

Description of the coin

On the obverse of the proposed coin is a statue of the Liberty of Augustus Saint-Gaudin. She has a burning torch in one hand and an olive branch in the other, which is a symbol of peace. The statue itself is located against the background of a stylized sun, and along its rim are stars. At the top is Liberty, which translates to "freedom."

On the back of the cash sign is a male eagle sitting in a nest. In his paws, he also holds an olive branch. The female eagle, along with the chicks, sits in the nest. The image itself represents the family values and traditions of American families. Also on the sign there is the inscription E pluribus unum - "Of many - one" (lat.) And the inscription 1 oz, which means one troy ounce. Fine Gold points to pure gold. On the right is the inscription In God We Trust ("In God We Believe"). From above the inscription United States of America (United States of America) is placed.

"American Eagle" was released in 1986 and immediately gained popularity. From the very beginning, it was the official means of payment of the country. Coins in denominations of 5, 10, 25 and 50 dollars are published. These figures are purely symbolic. The real value of coins is much greater. It is determined by the sample, as well as the daily wholesale price of gold on commodity exchanges.

"American Eagle"

Face value

Troy weight



Gold content



1/10 ounce


3,110 g

3,39 g



¼ ounces


7,775 g

8,48 g



½ ounces


15,552 g

16,97 g



1 ounce


31,103 g

33,93 g



The U.S. Mint offers two variations of the "American Golden Eagle." The first coins come as Brilliant Uncirculated, which is also called non-wear. They are released in the state of Philadelphia. Collectible specimens that are produced at West Point are also published. These banknotes above the year of exit have a mint sign (W).

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A gold investment coin is a good investment of free funds. Unlike stocks and other ways of investing, it is more reliable and stable. Its value is slowly but confidently growing, due to which you do not lose money, but increase it. The main condition for the subsequent sale of the coin is its high quality, as well as the safety of the case in which it is located.

Investment coins can be bought for yourself or as a gift. The original high-sample product will appeal to everyone without exception. In the future, it can be resold profitably or kept as part of the collection.

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